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Extract and monitor your important keywords.

What does this app do?

Work Forward From Your Actual Keyphrase Content

Most content developers and marketers work backwards from Google Search Console in order to paint a picture about their keyword and keyphrase content, and its performance over time. Keyword Monitor for Shopify allows you to monitor the exact amount of keyphrase content on your site, then map those important keyphrases to Google Search Console once you understand how much keyword and keyphrase content actually exists on your site (and its exact location in your code and on your pages).

Extracts Your Top 600 Keywords & Keyphrases

We extract the top 600 keyphrases from all of your site's product and content pages and track your important keyphrases and keywords over time. We tell you exactly where we find these keyphrases and keywords in your site content, like body text, alt, title and meta tags. This is essential information to monitor as you create more content that targets specific keywords and keyphrases — both for organic search and paid marketing.

Syncs With Google Search Console

We sync with Google Search Console to track the organic inbound performance of your important keyphrases and keywords over time.

What does it look like?

Keyword Monitor for Shopify Screenshot 01
Keyword Monitor for Shopify Screenshot 02
Keyword Monitor for Shopify Screenshot 03
Keyword Monitor for Shopify Screenshot 03
Keyword Monitor for Shopify Screenshot 03

Why is deep monitoring for your keyphrases and keywords important?

This is the first app of its kind that extracts and evaluates the actual keyphrase and keyword content on your site and maps that information to data from Google. Traditionally, content developers target keyphrases and keywords in a whimsical fashion without real accountability for how much targeted content they are creating. This app closes the loop entirely from content creation to inbound organic search traffic from Google Search Console.

Who is this app for?

SEO Managers & Marketers

Finally you can see the exact amount of keyphrase and keyword data available on your site; as opposed to seeing only the organic search traffic you recceive in Google Search Console and then guess about how much keyphrase and keyword content you have on your site.

Content Creators

How many times does your site content reference your most important keyphrases and keywords? If you sell travel bags, you would want to monitor how many times your team includes keyphrases like "top 10 travel bags" or "lightweight travel bags" in your content and exactly where it is found.

Media Buyers

Stop working backwords from Google Search Console. Work forward from your actual site content, then validate that against Google Search Console data.

How much does it cost?

5-day free trial. Plans starting at $7 per month. See our pricing calculator for more details.